American Roulette

'We are living in a state of moral truce, armed to the teeth with ideas.’

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Cf. Georgia O’Keeffe

The blind leafy boughs of gardens stand in spring-like plenitude in the broad, unexpectedly frosty night as if they were bursting breasts and udders of death; the air is full of the smells of roses, olive trees, and elders: these summery fragrances are odd in the icy cold, much the same as prepared smells under glass — summer & winter simultaneously. How stiffly, and yet with a humility undulating from inside, flowers stand there: gamo- and polypetalous, sheer crystal, symbol, each one bloody form. Is that Eros? When will the ultimate connection of sex & flora become clear?

Miklós Szentkuthy, Towards the One & Only Metaphor

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The College Admitted Its Mistake

The panel had to answer several basic questions: Did Anna give consent, was she capable of giving consent, and did the senior player violate the no-contact order either directly or through his friends? The standard of proof, mandated under federal guidelines, was preponderance of evidence — was it more likely than not that the students had sexually assaulted Anna?

Several hours after the last witness, the panel announced its decision clearing all three athletes on all counts.

The next day, the panel chairwoman sent Anna written confirmation of the decision, informing her that if she wished to appeal, she could find directions on Page 13 of the sexual-misconduct policy.

But Page 13 said nothing about appeals. Instead, it contained a section titled “False Allegations.” The college admitted its mistake, Anna’s mother said.

—Walt Bogdanich, The New York Times, “Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t

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And whoever believes that the conditions and character of the times are responsible for our maladjustment is either suffering from delusions of grandeur or is simply stupid, and lacks self-knowledge on both accounts.

—Karl Ove Knausgaard, My Struggle, Book Two